We are two female wedding photographers, Jennifer and Melanie, who also happen to be great friends!

We met years ago when our children were at school; our boys were also in the same football team so we spent many a Sunday morning, cameras in hand, watching matches. Our mutual interest in photography led to us doing photoshoots together for friends and family and, eventually, to us starting our own wedding photography business. Now that our children are growing up and flying the nest, we absolutely love spending our weekends at weddings!

We are very relaxed people so if you’re looking for photographers who make you feel comfortable then we’re the girls for you! We go into more depth about our wedding photography style and approach here.  If you’d like to see more examples of what we do then please check our Devon wedding blog where we feature recent weddings.

Shooting weddings is team work

We have been shooting weddings together since 2011. Shooting a wedding is enjoyable but hard work, it is a long day and there are parts of it where you literally need to be in two places at the same time. It is much easier and nicer to do it with someone you trust and have a great understanding with; we communicate with nods and glances across the room. Rather than employing a second shooter, we work together at every wedding so we have developed a unique and consistent style providing you with a seamless account of your day. We know who’s shooting where and what so know we’re able to cover all angles of the day. Whilst you’re enjoying your wedding breakfast, we love getting together to chat about the day so far and show each other the images we’ve captured. After the big day, we edit all of our images in a timeless style so that your photos won’t date and can be enjoyed for years to come.

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