Who are you?

We are professional photographers Melanie Cornish & Jennifer Larkin. We are based in Paignton, Devon but love to travel to shoot beautiful weddings all over the South West and beyond.

Will we get both of you at our wedding?

Yes, you will! We love to capture the whole story of the day and we feel that such a lot is happens throughout the day two pairs of eyes are better than one! Our USP is that we’re a duo team and in turn our couples get to see their day from two viewpoints. If required, we can split up to attend both bridal and groom prep in the morning.

What equipment do you use?

Jen uses Canon 5D Mark III cameras whilst Melanie uses a Nikon D610. We carry a selection of lenses and flashes and always carry spare batteries. We use SD memory cards and both have back up memory slots in our cameras (recording your images twice).

Are you insured?

Absolutely! Public Liability Insurance certificates are available on request.

Will we be able to meet up with you before we decide to book?

Of course you can! We actually encourage this as we love to meet our couples initially for a relaxed no obligation chat. We want you to choose the right photographer/s. We like to get to know our couples and for you to get to know us, this is to ensure we’re all a good fit for one another! We also meet you a month before the big day which gives us the opportunity to get to know each other a little more and discuss your plans in more detail, making note of any must-have photos you would like.

Do I have to choose one of your packages or can you do a bespoke package?

We mainly work around two packages (half day and full day), but we can adjust them to suit. Please see the ‘price guide’ page for further information.

What happens if it’s raining on our wedding day?

Well apparently this is a good omen! We do have a back up plan if this happens. We would have found a suitable spot for group photos and a few pretty indoor spots for some lovely couple shots. If you’re not worried about the rain then neither are we! We carry a few pretty umbrellas and if it does rain on your wedding day and you own a pair wellies, bring them along! The photos will look great! Luckily for us Brits we can’t get bored of the weather as it very rarely rains all day, and even if it does, we’ll do our best to work around the weather to achieve gorgeous photos.

What happens if one of you is poorly?

Firstly, since we started in 2011 neither one of us has missed a wedding due to illness or anything else for that matter. We will do everything within our power to be there. If for some reason one or both of us really cannot be at your wedding, we know a wonderful network qualified and experienced photographers throughout Devon who we would call on to see if they could cover the day.

We have a whole Pinterest board of photos we’d like you to recreate!?

This is always a tricky one! We understand there’s so many beautiful images online and they’re really inspiring to us too, but trying to recreate somebody else’s images is very difficult for many reasons; lighting, body shapes, wedding dress styles, venues, time restrictions during the day and many other technical issues we won’t bore you with! We really want our prospective couples to understand that we are reportage photographers, the images we capture are the raw, natural real life moments of your day. The only time we really ‘stop’ the action is to capture a few group photos of family and friends.  We will take you off for some couple time and do our very best to get some beautiful artistic images, but even these are done in ‘our’ style not anybody else’s. If you have seen a particular shot taken at your venue and you’d absolutely love to have a similar image for yourselves, we’ll do our best to accommodate, but please be warned it may not look exactly the same as the one you have seen. Your wedding will be unique to you!

We know you’re documentary style photographers but can we still get some group shots?

Yes you can, but try to limit your totally number of shots to 6 or fewer. Within a few carefully orchestrated group photos we will provide a formal record of everyone who was at your wedding: bride and groom family groups photos that can be given to relatives; a bridal party group to show off your style and colour theme and a whole group photo to give you a record of everyone who attended. We will do this as swiftly as possible so that you can get on with enjoying your drinks reception and chatting to your guests. Trust us, the photos you will love from your day will be the real moments we capture so try to limit your formal group shots to six or fewer. Do you remember when you have been a guest at a wedding – which wedding was the best? The one where you spent an hour being called out for photographs or the one where you don’t even remember the photos happening. For this reason try to keep your list of group shots to a minimum. Sit down with your fiancé before the wedding and work out who you want in each shot, be realistic, and ask yourself why you want these photos – will they go in the album, a frame, on the wall? And if not, don’t have it! With a long list of group photos you could find yourselves rooted to the spot for more than an hour whilst various combinations of guests fill in around you. We’ll be taking photos all day, we would rather take the time we would have used to get the group shot to take some much more creative candid shots of your guests instead.  You’ve probably chosen us for our relaxed, documentary style so hopefully you’d prefer a picture of your guests laughing with a drink in their hand, rather than lined up as if they were in front of a firing squad?!

We can’t wait to see our photos! How long will it take to receive them?

After your wedding day we go into editing mode! Firstly we back up all of your images onto an external hard drive and onto our computer hard drives. In most cases we like to put up a little preview of your photos on Facebook the next day (feel free to tag and share). We then develop your images in Lightroom and edit every single image that will be presented to you. Editing usually takes four to five working days but we like to go over your pictures with fresh eyes and do any last adjustments. Our current turn around time for getting all your photos to you is a two weeks. This may increase to three weeks in the peak season. The photos are usually waiting for you when you return from honeymoon!

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