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If you’ve landed on this page then you’re probably looking for an LGBT-friendly wedding photographer for your Devon wedding. Well you’re in the right place! My approach to an LGBT wedding is the same as any other ~ informal and relaxed. I capture all of my couples simply being themselves giving them a unique set of images that tell their story.

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Are gay weddings any different to straight weddings?

Are gay weddings any different to straight weddings? Shouldn’t we just refer to all weddings as simply ‘weddings’. Yes, of course, in an ideal world. But with so much of the online wedding planning advice based around a traditional bride and groom it can be confusing when starting your wedding planning journey. Think positively ~ you actually have more freedom to choose which traditions to ditch and which ones to make your own. You can be creative and incorporate the customs you want to keep in a way that is personal and meaningful for you both. Your wedding will be a unique celebration of two people in love.

As your plans start to fall into place you’ll be looking for an LGBT-friendly wedding photographer to capture your day perfectly. That’s where I come in! You’ll have started to think about the key elements of your day, for example, who walks down the aisle? This might bring up some questions about photographing a gay wedding. So, I’ve put together this page in response to conversations I’ve had with previous gay and lesbian couples I’ve worked with. I hope you find it helpful!

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LGBT wedding photography FAQs

We are two brides so can we both have bridal prep photos?

The short answer is yes you can! Whether it’s two brides or two grooms, this will be easier if you are both getting ready in the same place, most likely your venue where they will usually have rooms set aside for this purpose. I love capturing the excitement of the morning as you each get ready. I usually cover the last hour or so of the wedding preparations. If I’m going to be running between two different rooms then we can allow a bit of extra time so that the key parts are captured for both of you. Photographs of those last minute hair fixes and getting into your outfits will all add to the story of your wedding day. I’ll also capture detail shots from bouquets to bow ties.

How do you approach the portrait photographs for gay couples?

With all my couples I make your photography experience as relaxed as possible. Lots of couples who book me say that they’re camera-shy and that’s why they’re drawn to my relaxed style. I want you to remember how you felt in those moments, not how your photographer was asking you to pose. Some couples are more touchy-feely than others and I’ll never ask you to do anything you’re not comfortable with. We’ll have a pre-wedding meeting so I’ll get to know a little as a couple before the big day. On the day, we’ll have a wander around the grounds of your wedding venue giving you a few minutes away from your guests to let it all sink in and enjoy some quiet time together. As you’re walking and chatting I’ll be snapping away capturing those natural moments. There might be a few nervous giggles when I ask you to face each other but that makes for great photos so don’t worry!

How do you photograph an LGBT wedding ceremony?

There are a few key points that I consider when planning how to capture your ceremony. We’ll have a chat about these in our pre-wedding meeting so I know where to be and when, in order to capture your ceremony in the best way possible. For example, an element that is different for every ceremony is who is going to walk down the aisle. You might choose to each walk down separately with someone giving you away. Or you might prefer to walk in together to share the moment. Also, you won’t have to stick with the tradition of the bride being on the left for the vows so you can choose which side you feel most comfortable. Each venue is different but I’ll find a suitable spot from where I can capture those little looks between the two of you and, of course, the key parts like exchanging the rings. I’ll be getting the shots and all you need to do is focus on each other and the words you’re saying.

Our wedding party is a bit different so how will you organise the group photos?

I actually think gay weddings give you more freedom to choose who you’d like in your wedding party. Other weddings tend to follow the tradition of bridesmaids and groomsmen, but let’s be honest, we don’t all have half a football team on call to be groomsmen! You get to choose your best friends to be in your wedding party regardless of gender. We’ll set aside some time, usually during the welcome drinks, for some group photos. I usually keep the groups to a few carefully chosen shots to cover everyone who’s at your wedding: each side of the family; a whole group shot; and of course, each of you with your wedding party be they bridesmen or groomsmaids plus a combined shot of you both with all your attendants together.

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There will be a couple of extra speeches so can you capture these too?

Yes, of course! Lots of couples, gay or straight, are moving away from who traditionally does a speech at a wedding. With a gay wedding, there might be two fathers of the brides or two best men each wanting to say a few words. Your best friends might want to say something too (cue the embarrassing stories!). Each of you might want to give a speech or perhaps say a few words jointly. When photographing the speeches, I capture a few shots of the people giving speeches but my favourite photos are the reaction shots of your guests. Of course, I’ll keep shooting until all the speeches are finished and all the smiles have been captured!

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I don’t claim to be a gay wedding expert and I’m learning all the time. But I hope you’ve found this page useful and that it’s given you some inspiration. If you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you and perhaps I can add them here for other gay couples to read! If you think I might be a good fit for your wedding day, drop me a line, I’d love to hear about your wedding plans!